Our Vision

EUSF has the long-term ambition to obtain international recognition of Streetlifting  as an Olympic sport, giving all amateur and pro Streetlifters the platform and opportunity to fulfil their dreams of competing on the Olympic stage. Our 4-year strategy through 2023 is the first step on that journey.

During this period, we will lead the drive towards more competitive, entertaining, and meaningful Streetlifting for athletes and fans. We will grow the sport by creating more opportunities for people and nations to enjoy it and increase the competitiveness of Streetlifting at all levels.

We will promote Streetlifting by delivering exciting and engaging global events, attracting new and diverse fans, and building long-term successful commercial and non-commercial partnerships.

Finally, we will continue to make considerable efforts to protect the integrity of the sport and develop initiatives that promote fair play, inclusion, gender equality, and more.

Our Mission

As Streetlifting’ international governing body of Europe, EUSF organises, regulates, and generates resources on behalf of the sport in Europe. EUSF advocates Streetlifting’ traditions of excellence, discipline, and respect to all levels of its community while promoting athlete safety, fair play, and acceptance to all who wish to participate.

Our Values

EUSF’s actions and people are guided by the following values: