EUSF has 2 membership categories:

  1. Provisional members: National Federations that do not meet the full requirements of Full Member Status. Such Federations do not have the right to vote at congress, but have the right to attend.
  2. Full Members are National Federations that meet EUSF minimum requirements. Full Member Status privileges include voting rights at Congress and involvement with all of EUSF development plans.

Requirements include the following:

  • A minimum of one year as a Provisional Member
  • Participation in all EUSF Tournaments required by ISF
  • Participation in all required EUSF Meetings
  • Participation in all required EUSF Seminars and Courses
  • Proof of National Federation existing as a legal entity
  • Application of recognition of National Sports Authorities from each respected Federation
  • Fully functioning and ethically-positive Federations

Interested? Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.